Academic Preparation Squad

Academic Preparation Squad prepares low income elementary and middle school students to eventually succeed in advanced mathematics by increasing positive attitudes and active engagement in learning math.  Please take a look at the website at   

R.C. Glymph, a veteran African-American educator who taught math and science for decades in the Los Angeles, Inglewood, and Long Beach school districts, started APS as a result of a passion to reach low income kids with a love for math. RC and his partners recognize that a lack of math skills at an early age often leads later on to dropping out of school, unemployment and under employment. He believes that one of the keys to breaking the cycle of poverty is to get kids excited about and engaged in mathematics.

The APS strategy centers on the use of an innovative teaching tool called 'Math Maze,' a creative game for elementary and middle school students that teaches them math skills in a fun and enjoyable environment. R.C developed Math Maze on the basis of his extensive experience in the classroom. Academic Prep Squad staff and volunteers will conduct workshops and trainings for school administrators, teachers, paraprofessionals, parents and students. These events will teach participants how to use Math Maze to improve student attitudes and increase engagement and proficiency in mathematics. In addition, APS will produce and promote Math Maze game tournaments to help motivate students to practice.

Visions Made Viable had served the Academic Prep Squad through fiscal sponsorship.  Here is a video with more detail about Academic Preparation Squad: