Thomas Missions

Thomas Missions project works in direct partnership with The Abraham Project, a Costa Rican Christian organization located just outside of San Jose, Costa Rica which currently operates two homes for abandoned children, as well as a daycare/school that serves children from the local community.  They also offer vocational education classes and various professional services at the community center on the property.  Just recently, the Abraham Project acquired more land that doubles the size of property.  Their plan is to build more children’s homes, as well as other buildings that will serve local Costa Ricans, missionaries, and short-term mission teams visiting the Project.  

Stephen Thomas is a missionary for the Abraham Project who seeks to be the bridge person for short-term missionary teams to come to Costa Rica to further the work of the Abraham Project.  As the son of missionaries who grew up in Costa Rica with the Abraham Project, he has the cross cultural gifts to help short term missionary teams prosper in Costa Rica, while having an intimate familarity with the Abraham Project's work to make outside assistance productive. 

You can make a tax deductible contribution to support the work of Thomas Missions  by using the 'Donate' button below, or by sending a check payable to 'Thomas Missions' to

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You can even support Stephen on a monthly basis by establishing a Paypal subscription.   From the menu, select the amount you wish to donate monthly. Then click "Subscribe."  

Be sure to save the email you receive from Paypal to print out as your tax deductible receipt. Contributions to or for Thomas Missions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Thomas Missions and its fiscal sponsor, Visions Made Viable, provided no goods or services for your contribution.