Trauma Informed Physical Literacy (TIPL) / Tyler Luebbert


Our mission is to leverage exercise and sports to be a healing, restorative, and regenerative presence in the world. We develop adaptive, competent, and creative individuals who can navigate their environments wisely to find healing, hope and meaning in life.   We aim to be culturally responsive and bring social equality to marginalized and vulnerable communities with our physical literacy education.  Empirically, success and social inequality are determined by some combination of hard work, natural talent, and a person's opportunities and environment. Therefore, we set out to create exercise spaces that function as an alternative environment to discover natural talent, explore creative solutions, cultivate competence, encourage hard work, and provide opportunities.

Secondly, adverse childhood experiences and historical trauma predispose and expose people to myriad dysfunctions, risks, and burdens including social, emotional, and cognitive impairment; disruption of neurological development; harmful coping strategies and behaviors; disease, disability, and social problems; and even early death.  It's for these reasons, and more, that we created our trauma-informed physical literacy program.  Our ecological curriculum leverages movement and exercise to help people live heathier lives, improve neurological function, learn to solve problems, set goals, regulate emotions, alter behavior, and expand their tolerance to stress.

We believe that the accessibility of exercise provides a unique context to work with multiple generations and reduces barriers to a multiplicity of interventions and opportunities.  Exercise curriculum can be programmed to cater to the needs of each generation, thereby, increasing our ability to restore and develop community across generations, and break cycles of trauma, dysfunction, violence, and inequality.

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