Highly Targeted Giving

More and more projects and nonprofits are encouraging donors to support very specific aspects of a project rather than give 'general support' to the project as a whole. Many donors like the idea of knowing exactly where their monies go so highly targeted giving is becoming an important trend.

And when we say 'highly targeted,' we really mean it! Instead of giving to a project's 'general fund,' lots of donors prefer to put up the monies to buy a specific number of school books for a particular group of children, or mosquito netting adequate for a specific village, or a tractor for a rural agricultural project, or a specific new home for a particular urban earthquake victim. These are obviously just a few examples of highly targeted giving, but they give you a sense of how more and more donors choose to give.

It's true that every project needs general discretionary funds in order to allow for flexibility, so we like to see donors who will give the kinds of funds social entrepreneurs can use at there discretion.

But we strongly support this newer trend as well. Highly targeted giving allows donors to know exactly where their monies are making an impact.

That in turn helps donors to more easily hold projects accountable for follow through. It also encourages donors to develop more direct and personal relationships with the people who receive their support.

Some of our projects, for example, have built this 'intimate donor' element directly into the heart of their strategy and business plan. They believe creating greater intimacy between donors and recipients is likely to lead to more giving and participation over time.

If you're a donor considering support for one of our projects or a social visionary developing a new project, Visions Made Viable allows you to target gifts as specifically as you'd like. We've set up our online giving portal to support even the most narrow and specific giving targets. Whether you want to target the 'general discretionary fund' or target a pair of shoes for a specific child, we've got your covered!

We specialize in flexible fiscal sponsorship that allows both donors and social entrepreneurs to realize their very specific desires and visions. If you're thinking of donating to important social work or you want to create new efforts for social change, get in contact with us. We're here to help you.