Support and Services

Visions Made Viable serves social innovators and visionaries both here and around the world in two ways:

Hosting Services

We provide legal, fiscal and administrative sponsorship for individuals and groups that want to work for social change without all the hassle of immediately creating their own non-profits, but who may eventually want to implement more developed organizations later. By acting as a host for these new efforts, we allow people with new ideas to begin testing them right away and ‘get to the mission at hand’ in a supportive and trusting environment.

We give you a  non-profit home to start with and the ability to receive tax deductible donations through Network for Good as well as an administrative ‘back office.’   Your donor just needs to search "Visions Made Viable" at Network for Good (, make the donation (one-time or monthly), designate the donation for your project, and then we will have the funds from the donations to support you in your charitable work.  Then, as your project develops and when the time is right, we can help launch you into Ongoing Sponsorship Services to have more of an established organization.  

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Ongoing Sponsorship Services

Some individuals and groups want the freedom to pursue important social change without ever developing and managing an independent non-profit and dealing with the administrative complexity that comes along with it but still want an actual organization that they expect to be around a while.  In order to meet that need, we provide long-term legal, fiscal and administrative sponsorship.

Basically, our ongoing sponsorship services offer all the benefits of hosting services but with the idea of having an organization over the long haul. This helps innovative people and groups to ‘keep the main thing the main thing’ as they build their visions into something substantive and real.

We do this providing you ongoing sponsorship services through our partnership with  Wedidit is an experienced fiscal sponsorship facilitator that we work with to oversee the back-office of receiving donations.  You will be able to have a website where you can receive donations from supporters through credit card or ACH electronic funds transfer (which is like your donor writing a check) for one time or monthly repeat donations, your donor will be able to get a receipt for a tax deduction, from your donations you can funding for charitable expenses, and you can have the optoin of receiving training from to grow your charity work if you wish.  We will provide you a Visions Made Viable email account, you use that email account to log in and set up a free account with and then you will have a variety of services to grow your charity for the long haul.  

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No Direct Financial Support        

Visions Made Viable does not provide direct financial support to your project.  We're not a foundation or granting institution.