Elevate: Partners for Education

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Elevate: Partners for Education is a Ugandan NGO that uses a data-driven, cost-effective program to activate communities to improve learning outcomes in government primary schools and build the institutional capacity of the District Education Office. 

Our Vision: We believe that every child in Uganda, regardless of how much money they have or where they are from, should have access to high quality education. 

What Problems we Address: 

  • Lack of regular school management committee meetings
  • Lack of parental involvement in the schools
  • Poor communication between parents, teachers, and local officials resulting in blaming instead of problem solving
  • Low student attendance
  • Low teacher attendance / teacher time on task

Our Current Program:  Our participatory scorecard program strengthens government capacity in the education secor and works with school management committees in government primary schools to activate parents, teaches, studens and local leaders to identify the biggest challenges in primary education, create locally-tailored solutions, and take action to improve schools.

You can make a tax deductible contribution to Elevate:  Partners for Education by using the 'Donate' button below, or you can send a check payable to "Visions Made Viable' (or 'Elevate:  Partners for Education'). To help us limit fees, for donations $1,000 or greater, please send a check to:

Visions Made Viable

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Be sure to save the email you receive from PayPal as your receipt. Contributions made to or for Elevate:  Partners for Education are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Elevate: Partners for Education, or its fiscal sponsor, Visions Made Viable, provides no goods or services for your contribution.