Tatua Kenya

Tatua Kenya (Tatua, the Kiswahili word for solve) provides opportunities for the local community to creates solutions to Kenya’s poverty crisis through the teaching and modeling of effective community organizing. Tatua Kenya (formerly Be the Change: --Kenya) offers direct community fellowships that train individual organizers to build community led initiatives around ending poverty, as well as provide consulting and training services to NGOs, CSRs and Civic Society organizations, around using our community organizing model to improve services to the communities they serve.  Take a look at their website at http://www.tatuakenya.org

Tatua Kenya envisions a vibrant and engaged community working together to end poverty in Kenya in which local leaders imagine and create initiatives that address the root causes of poverty. This community mobilizes local resources, creates partnerships for change and brings in the Kenyan government to support long-term change.

Our work will create more local leaders with an increased capacity to lead their community, an increase in local funding for development, cross-community connections that encourage government lobbying efforts and young adults who understand the value of community organizing and service. The benefits of these results extend beyond that which is quantifiable, including lives touched, stereotypes broken and connections built through generations and across cultures..

In 2011 Sarah Welch, Kenneth Chomba and Natalie Finstad started a grassroots campaign to end child poverty called Be the Change – Kenya. Be the Change – Kenya offered local leaders the chance to create solutions to child poverty with their own resources. Something amazing happened through Be the Change -Kenya; kids were clothed and fed. Beyond this, as the local community came together, they became more hopeful and excited about their ability to impact poverty. Instead of waiting for a solution, they became the solution and in doing so their impact increased exponentially. It did not take long for other organizations and individuals to recognize this growth and begin to ask how the community organizing principles behind Be the Change- Kenya could affect their own work. The Be the Change – Kenya Team began to work with other leaders in the Kenyan communities to spread the solutions developed through Be the Change – Kenya. It didn’t take long to see that Be the Change – Kenya was growing into something more, something rooted in the solutions of community organizing rather than a specific issue.

Tatua Kenya was founded as a way of serving Kenyans who understand the power of community organizing and want new solutions to poverty. Since our launch in 2012 we have worked with over 50 different community movements in Kenya, a Pan-African campaign and an international campaign. We have worked on issues of prison care, youth civic engagement, health care reform and gender equality. In less than a year we’ve affected over 1,000 individuals involved in starting movements and thousands of people served by those movements. This work is far from simple but together we will come up with a real solution to poverty in Kenya.

Read more about their project and how to get involved on their website www.tatuakenya.org

We're delighted to serve Sarah and Natalie and their partners through fiscal sponsorship, administrative services and consulting aimed at helping Tatua become an independent nonprofit in the next few years.

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